We Are Growing

With more members, more reach, and more impact we are growing daily. We need you to join our movement as it builds momentum. Pick the task force you want to join, then call us and get involved…

The WICIR Kid Task Force

The mission of this group is to design and implement two support and counseling groups for children affected by the detainment and/or deportation of a parent or relative.  There will be two groups – one for school-age children and one for teens.  We will also be working on a family-based approach to helping pre-school age children with this issue.

The WICIR Know Your Rights Task Force

The mission of this group is design and implement informal, bilingual “Know Your Rights” workshops to be presented in the Latino community that has been targeted by immigration raids.  The is a collaboration of law students, professors and WICIR advocates and activists.

The WICIR Work Place Raid Task Force

The mission of the group is to develop protocols to aid local businesses to respond to immigrants and immigration raids in ways that support immigrant worker and the business owners.

The WICIR Urgent Response Task Force

This group provides urgent response to families who are affected by immigration raids, detainments and deportations.  Urgent responders are trained and provide support through outreach by phone, home visits, family group meetings, legal advocacy, court witness, etc.

The WICIR Political Action Task Force

This group organizes strategic political actions on both the local and national levels toward humane immigration reforms.

The WICIR Community Education Task Force

This group provides education to the potential ally community regarding local and national immigration issues, reports and descriptions of local ICE raids and immigration enforcement activity, myths and facts about immigration and the root causes of undocumented immigration in the United States.  This group seeks to train a small group of reliable speakers for a speaker bureau on the issue.

The WICIR Fundraising Task Force

This is a group WICIR would like to form that would assist in raising money that goes directly to the assistance of families affected by immigration raids, detainments and deportations.  We need people with fund raising talent and skills to step up to help us with this aspect of the organization.

Anyone Who is Interested…

in working with any of these task forces, should contact WICIR at, or call us at 734-355-2707 and talk to Laura.