Editorial Number 2, 09/04/2010

Stopping the Hate Merchants

As you probably know, the race for the governor’s office in Arizona is being lead for the moment by Republiecan Jan Brewer, yes the same Jan Brewer who championed Arizona’s SB 1070 anti-immigrant law, the same Jan “I see headless bodies in the Arizona desert” Brewer whose first broadcast debate will probably be her last after her 13 second brain freeze while just trying to introduce herself.

Corrections Corporation of America

Significantly, Jan Brewer is backed by the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the largest for-profit prison company. You see, Brewer was appointed to Arizona’s governor office, not elected, so she needs all the help she can get in her first run for a major office, despite being an incumbent.  And, generous company that it is, CCA has not only been funneling money into her coffers, they’ve actually loaned their own lobbyist, Chuck Coughlin, to chair her campaign committee! In return Jan’s been cooking up a huge pot of fear and hate of Mexican immigrants with which to fill CCA cells (once they’ve been duly profiled and arrested unconstitutionally). What a happy little symbiosis they’ve developed. They’ve done so well getting out the fear and hate message that CCA has taken their show on the road.

This year alone CCA has given over $210,850 nationwide in lobbying and campaign donations. Even in the blissful glades of Michigan, warm hearts have been frozen by hateful words. A recent poll by EPIC/MRA of 600 Michigan residents shows that three quarters of those polled favor an Arizona style anti-immigrant law. Sad to say, even your neighbors may have fallen under this spell. It’s a well know tactic, spreading fear and blame of the scapegoated “others” and fanning those flames into a holocaust of hate. Very profitable if you are a for-profit prison corporation or a immoral politician for that matter.

We’re seeing the results of a successful fear and hate campaign in the polls. But polls change. No matter how much money the hate merchants pour into the back pockets of corrupt politicians, in the end it is only we citizens who can vote. We still have that right, for now. We have the right to vote, and to speak our minds to our neighbors in person, by Facebook, by e-mail, by Twitter, and by every other means possible. We have the right to tell, the need to tell everyone, “Look, this is where the fear and hate is coming from. These are the people who are profiting from it. CCA, for example, is a $2.5 billion company. With profits made at the expense of incarcerated immigrants, whether rightly or wrongly accused, this is corporatism  run amok.

Not For Nothing

So the bottom line is the hate merchants want us, need us, to hate “others.” They need us to think of people as “others” so they can profit by them. Other hate merchants need us to hate “others” so they can get elected to keep us “safe” from those others. Or they need us to hate the “others” so they can keep us watching or listening to their anti-other rants. Quite a racket.

This is who we need to stop. And we can only do that by proving that, no matter how much money they pour into corrupt politicians’ back pockets, no matter how many on-air rants, or no matter how large a lead in the polls they have we will fight back. And win.

We will win because people of good conscience will not let them win! Not again. NEVER AGAIN! We will take to the streets, to the air waves, to the Internet and take our country back from this corruption.

But it’s going to take all of us. Their campaign of hatred has been so well funded that unless each and every person of good conscience in this country gets busy right now speaking truth to power we will lose our country to the  merchants of hate. Talk to your neighbors, e-mail everyone, post on Facebook, on Twitter today. Do this today and every day until we have beaten the fear and hate merchants and their candidates in the November elections.

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Editorial Number 1

Never Again!

Today migrant workers are in their crosshairs, workers doing jobs no one else wants to do: backbreaking, hand scarring, often dangerous, hard manual labor in sun scorched fields on hundred degree days. “They’re stealing our jobs.” Yeah, right.


They call them criminals, “illegal aliens” so we’ll be scared. They talk about drug gangs, cartels, human trafficking, prostitution, etc., etc. They don’t want you to know that the vast majority of immigrants make great neighbors, and that study after study shows that the biggest U.S. cities with the lowest crime rates have the largest populations of  immigrants. They don’t want you to know that the crime rates in cities closest to the Mexican border have dropped significantly in recent years, and are some of the safest cities in which to live in the United States. They can’t let you know those facts, because they need you to be frightened. Because fear breeds hate, and fear and the hate it breeds is their life-blood.

The Fear and Hate Profiteers

They live for power and money. But they lack the creativity, the genius, and vision that are the hallmarks of those who rise to power, authority, and just-reward by means of hard work and good character. They crave, instead, the easy path to fame and fortune, and are willing to sell their souls to get there.

They are, for example, the rabble-rousers whose daily yammerings can be heard through the static on the A.M. dial, or seen through thick layers of venom on their TV talk shows. And they are the millionaire and billionaire con-men and women whose fortunes rest upon the misfortunes of others. And they are a few avaricious preachers whose sly sermonizing against the evils embodied by “others” is a thinly veiled threat to their flock to conform, or risk being cast out with hellish consequences.

They are, also, the small, one person haters, who do everything possible to inflate their sense of self worth, and to distance themselves from their insecurities, by targeting others. They are cowardly bullies who “exercise their first amendment right” to spew invective at the perceived “other.” They tow their anti-other baggage behind themselves, never realizing the price they are paying for this hate filled anchor to their lives. These are the lone and lonesome, whose shrill howls are mere echos, and whose efforts soon turn to dust.

But there is another, more powerful, class of players who feed upon fear and hate: they are the industries built upon them. They are, for example, the military industrial complex, the titans of the war industry whose wealth is most literally blood money. They couldn’t survive in a world of trust and goodwill, and only profit from the suffering and deaths of others. And they are the small arms manufactures and merchants who sell their death-wares to a public panicked by their fear-talking minions. And they are the handmaidens to those small arms dealers, the “second amendment rights” industry, whose ostensible reason for existence is so transparent as to be laughable. And they are the corporatized prison industry, whose bottom line is boosted with every supposed “other” detained within their cold walls. And they are the politicians of fear and hate whose platforms are built upon the very fear they instill in the voting public, and whose campaigns are financed by the fear and hate industries. And, finally, they are the deceptively titled news corporations from whose trough all of the rest of the fear and hate multitude sup. These, all of the above, are some of the largest beneficiaries of fear and hate. They are in fact the fear and hate profiteers, and they will stop at nothing to fill their coffers.

For now they have targeted Mexican immigrants. For now. But what’s to stop them from targeting you, or someone you love? Oh, I know you don’t think of yourself as an “other.” How could you? But the fear and hate profiteers always find a way, a way to turn hate into gold. Perhaps your skin is a shade too dark, or yellow, or red. Or perhaps you don’t worship at their church. Maybe they don’t like your accent. Or the fact that your loved-one is disabled. Perhaps you, or someone you love is gay, or transgendered, well you know they don’t like that. Maybe you don’t make enough money for their tastes, it’s always easiest to target the less fortunate. Or maybe you read the wrong books, or visit the wrong web-sites. You never know what the fear and hate profiteers are going to demonize next, but you know they will demonize, because that’s how they make their money. The point is, unless we get active now and speak out against these fear and hate mongers, instead of them targeting “strangers,” they could soon have their crosshairs focused directly on us.

“It Couldn’t Happen Here”

That’s right, keep telling yourself that. The unmarked graves of Europe are full victims of that idea. But where do you think that idea comes from? Who do you think profits the most from that handy thought? Clearly the only ones who profit from people believing that they won’t become targets of fear and hate are the fear and hate profiteers. They’re counting on you believing that line of bull to keep you in line. To make sure you don’t stand up to them while you still can.

Never Again!

Instead of thinking “it could never happen here” we better remember the rallying cry of the Jews after the Holocaust – “Never Again!” Let that be our rallying cry too as we prepare to join the struggle against the Fear and Hate Profiteers. Never Again! let a people become the target of fear and hatred so that the fear and hate profiteers can grow fat and sleek. Never Again! forget the inherent worth and dignity of allpeople. Never Again! ignore the cries of the victims of the Fear and Hate Profiteers. And finally, Never Again! forget that the ultimate price of believing the fear and hate profiteers is always paid in blood.